Best Vacation Hairstyle- How To Style Your Hair for Your Next Vacation


The best vacation hairstyle. How to style your hair for your next vacation|

Great! It’s that time of the year, you are going on vacation and it’s exciting! Unfortunately, you don’t have any idea of what to do with your precious hair.  What would be the best way to style your hair while you’re away? What is the most convenient hairstyle? Is there such thing as vacation hairstyle?

Questions, questions… But what is the answer?

I know this feeling all too well. Finding out which hairstyle to rock when I go on vacation always gets me really nervous. Whether I’m going away or going out, my hair is usually the one thing that challenges me the most. Figuring out which hairstyle works always turns out to be a nightmare.

Thankfully it wasn’t the case this time around. I just came back from my vacation in Puerto Rico, and I must say it was the best one to date. I had great company, a lot of fun, and I met some wonderful people.

No worries though, this post is not about how much fun I had on my vacation. I just want to share with you one of the things that helped make my vacation easy. Read about my visit to Puerto Rico in this post.

I’m sure you might have guessed it already! It was my hair.

The best vacation hairstyles. Best way to style your hair on vacation. Find out more|

Yeap, my hair contributed to the success of my vacation. It was so refreshing that for the first time ever, I did not have to worry about what to do about my hair. Why? I had the brilliant idea to braid my hair before going away. It was the best decision ever!

Try it, next time you’re going on vacation, get your hair braided. I promise you will love it. There was no need for me to pack a comb, nor a brush. The only thing I brought was a tiny brush for my edges. Getting wet in the pool did not intimidate me. I even felt at ease diving in the ocean. I had no need to think about how to style my hair in the morning or at night for dinner. All I had to do was bring a couple of hair ties to keep the braids off my face when needed.

The Best Vacation Hairstyle|

Not having to worry about styling my hair made getting ready so much faster. It also kept my fiancé off my back (I’m sure you know how impatient guys can get). Based on this wonderful experience, I highly recommend that you braid your hair when you are going on vacation. You will thank me later. I wish I thought like this when I was younger, that would’ve saved me a lot of trouble and frustration.

The Best Vacation Hairstyle|

The great thing is that braiding works not only on natural hair but also on relaxed hair. It also doesn’t matter which style you chose (twists, braids, long, short, whatever), braids will give you a much-needed break. So braid your hair next time you’re going on vacation.

You will benefit from the braids because your hair will be protected from the lack of care that it will endure during your getaway. We all know that although we have the best intentions, when we are on vacation, taking care of our hair most often takes the back seat which can lead to major setbacks. The braids will also save you a lot of time when you have to quickly get ready for your next adventure, or dinner, or whatever you have to do.

So again do yourself this favor, before your next vacation if you really care about the health of your hair, have your stylist braid your hair.

Braids to me are the best kind of protective styles, but also the best vacation hairstyle. If you don’t believe me, see for yourself below. Let me know what you think.

The Best Vacation Hairstyle|

What about you? What is your favorite vacation hairstyle?Let me know in the comments below⇓. I’d love to hear from you.

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