Protective Styling Gone Wrong- Protective Styles To Avoid

Protective styling gone wrong-protective styles to avoidWe all get to the point where we realize we need a break from constant manipulation of our hair. When that moment comes, protective styling is usually the way to go.

Unfortunately, I quickly realized the hard way that not all types of protective styling are worth the try.

Currently 9 weeks into my relaxer stretch/natural hair journey (still a little undecided), I figured it was time to give my hair a much needed break. I turned to google for some inspiration, and in came my protective styling of choice: the feed in braids.

After looking at a variety of pictures, I grew confident, that the feed in braids were a great option.

Feed in braids are designed to be somewhat bigger in size. They don’t take much time to achieve. I figured they were the perfect style for me. I pretty much thought of everything. One thing I didn’t know was that the weight of the braids would be too much for me to handle. Another major element I didn’t think of, was the  tightness of the braids on my head.

The day of my hair appointment, a few things went wrong.

  1. Although I scheduled an appointment, when I arrived at the salon, she didn’t start on my hair until 3.5 hours later (super annoying). Mind you, I drove an hour to go there.
  2. I specifically requested loose braids. I thought we had an understanding. The braids came out tight AF.
  3. The braids are so heavy on my head. I sure did not factor that in.

The next day, everything that’s usually normal for me to do became extremely hard. Smiling, coughing, eating, talking, just being became very painful. This is the moment I realized that the feed in braids might not have been the best idea.

I told myself that maybe in a few days the braids will loosen up. By the time Monday rolled around, I just could not manage to do anything. A friend advised me of different things I could do to help loosen up the braids.

I literally spent the whole day with a hot towel on my head. The headache I experienced was beyond anything imaginable. By 7pm I decided I needed some help to survive the night. Two Advil Pm later, I was in bed trying to fall asleep so I could forget the pain I was going through. I also told myself that once I wake up in the morning, first order of business would be to unbraid my hair.

Now, it’s the morning. I experienced some kind of relief from the hot towels treatments. To think about it, I may have just gotten used to the pain over the past few days. My head feels better, that’s all I know. I decided to try another hour of hot towel to see how long I could keep the braids on.

I truly hate the thought of unbraiding my hair so soon after getting them done. If I decide to braid my hair ever again, I will chose a different hair dresser and a different hairstyle as well. The pain I’m experiencing is definitely not worth the time nor the money.

Crossing my fingers that I can survive at least this week with these braids on, then I’ll decide if I can go another week. Wish me luck guys…

On the bright side, my hair looks good. I hope your braiding experience has been a lot better than mine.

Have you had a bad experience braiding your hair in the past? What did you do to remedy the situation? Share with me below 

Till next time