Natural Hair Care Regimen Approved for Low Porosity Hair

Natural Hair Care Regimen for 4C Low Porosity Hair|

Having a Hair Care Regimen is important for the health of your hair.

We all hear it too often. It is important to build a hair care regimen for our natural hair to promote its health and growth. But how many of you actually take the time to build a regimen for your hair? I know it sounds painful and can be annoying, but a natural hair care regimen does not have to be if done the right way.

I’m going to share with you my own natural hair care regimen. Don’t hesitate to make it your own or tweak it around.

It took me a while to come up with a regiment that I was comfortable with and that I felt like I could stick to. But now that I’ve taken the time to build this regimen for my hair, I can see the difference and I know it’s worth it. My hair looks much healthier and it is growing at a much faster pace than the first couple of months of my journey.

Below is my own natural hair care regimen. Take a look at it and apply what you feel will work on your own hair.

Daily or every other day.

Moisturize and seal. Ladies, I’m sure you’ve heard a lot. You probably hear it every day. You hear it that much because it is important. Moisturized hair results in healthy hair which in turns yields to long hair in the long run.

I’ve tried the LOC and LCO and found that my hair retains more moisture using the LCO method. And for that I use Lotta Body Love Me 5-in-1 Miracle Crème, Lotta Body Moisturize Me Curl & Style Milk and I seal with Whipped raw Shea Butter that I infused with oils.


1- Pre-poo. I pre-poo my hair the night prior to washing. For that, I do a modified version of Naptural85’s pre-poo method that I find much more convenient for me. I blend the Aloe with oils, honey and a little bit of water. I add it to a spray bottle and work it into my hair that way.

 2- Wash and deep condition my hair. After I shampoo my hair, I deep condition. I never miss a deep conditioning treatment.

My hair is low porosity and is hard to absorb moisture, so it needs all the help it can get. Most of the time I use a moisturizing deep conditioner. Again that’s because of the low porosity aspect of my hair. It needs more moisture than it needs protein. But when I feel that it needs protein, I trade the moisturizing deep conditioner for a light protein deep conditioner.

To date,  my favorite deep conditioner is TGIN Honey Miracle Deep Conditioner. This stuff does wonders to my hair. I also use the TGIN Moisturizing Shampoo on wash days. Together they are a great combination.

2 Things I always do when deep conditioning my hair.

  1. I use heat. After applying the deep conditioner, I sit under a hooded dryer to allow maximum hydration to my hair strands.
  2. I deep condition for 15 to 30 minutes (no more than that). See why I don’t go over 30 min here.

3- After I wash and deep condition, I put my hair in some kind of protective style for the week. Mind you, I did not always use protective styles, but I realized that they help a lot with length retention. Read more about it here.

Monthly or every 6 to 8 weeks.

  1. Clarify my hair. Every month or every 6-8 weeks (it really depends on how my hair feels), I wash my hair with a clarifying shampoo to get rid of the build up. I use to clarify every wash day, but as you might already know, clarifying shampoos are drying and you don’t want to be walking around with dry hair. It is hard to infuse moisture back in your strands especially if you are on the low porosity side like me. Shea Moisture Protein-Free Low Porosity Shampoo does the trick for me. Read my review about the Shea Moisture low porosity line in this post.
  2. Protein treatment. Like I mentioned above, I also do a light protein treatment every 6 -8 weeks on my hair. Although low porosity hair is not protein-friendly, it still needs moisture/protein balance to behave properly. I don’t really have a favorite that I can recommend just yet.

Natural Hair Care Regimen for 4C Low Porosity Hair|

Below are a few things that I X out of my natural hair care regimen.

  1. Wet my hair every day.
  2. Make a puff using a tight hairband.
  3. Comb my hair every day.
  4. Sleep without braiding or twisting my hair.
  5. Clarify every wash day (weekly).

Check out a comprehensive list of products that have been working wonders on my 4C low porosity hair.

Things to remember to incorporate into your regimen if you have low porosity hair.

  1. Heat. Heat is your best friend whether you’re deep conditioning or applying products. It helps with the absorption of the products. You can use a hooded dryer, a hooded steamer or handheld steamer.
  2. Spray your hair with hot water before applying your products if you don’t have time to sit under a dryer or steamer. This simple step makes a difference in the way your hair absorbs the products and looks.
  3. Even when your hair is in a protective style, remember to moisturize regularly.

As you can see, I maintain a pretty simple hair care regimen. I don’t like to complicate things, and who has time to spend hours every day doing their hair??? Not this girl, no ma’am.

I hope this post was useful and informational for you. Please help me spread the word by hitting the share buttons. And please feel free to make my regimen your own and tweak it around to your liking.

Do you have a regimen that you follow for your natural hair? What are some of the things you do or don’t do to your natural hair? Share with us below in the comment section