My Love Hate Relationship with the Braids- Protective Style

Braids when done properly are considered great protective styles. You might ask: what is a protective style? Simply put, a protective style is a hair style that protects your hair from being over manipulated. What it means is that it keeps you from constantly having to comb through it and play with it which limits breakage. There are several types of protective style, but one of the most common types I know is braids.

Ever since I started this healthy hair journey, I can hardly replicate my go to relaxed hair styles. I’ve been left to figure other ways to look presentable when I step out of my home. I love wearing my SLAP cap, but I certainly can’t wear them every where. So of course “braids” came to mind. But if you know me at all, you know I don’t have the best track records with having my hair braided. You can say that I have a love hate relationship with the braids.

When I was younger, my mother used to have my hair braided every summer before she sent me off on a plane for summer break. This was the best way to ensure that my natural hair stayed intact as I did God knows what on vacation. As soon as I got my hair relaxed, I stop braiding my hair. I never really like the feeling of the braids on my head. Honestly, I never really understood how people lived in this things.

About three years ago, I attempted braiding my hair again. It lasted 3 weeks which wasn’t bad. When I took out the braids, half of the left side of my hair was gone due to improper detangling. Again, I decided stay away from the braids. Then two years later, my hair needed a break, so I wen back to braiding. This time, I chose to get twists. It barely lasted a week. The girl twisted my hair so tight, I started losing my edges. So once again, I swore that I’d never ever braid my hair, like ever. That was until a few weeks ago when I decided that my hair needed a break again and decided to attempt the “Feed in Braids“.They seemed easy to manage I thought. That was until I got them installed. I quickly realized it was a huge mistake and took them down as quickly as I got them done. You can read all about it Free from the Braids in case you’re wondering what was so bad about them.

Anyway, after giving my hair about 2 weeks off, I decided I would give it another try. I called my sister in law who braided my hair back in 2013. I’ve had the best experience with her. She’s the only one who’s ever been careful enough not to braid too tight. I’m glad I did! After 6 hours of sitting in a chair, I now again have a head full of braids. They look gorgeous, I absolutely love them. I think she did a great job. I don’t have a headache and I was able to sleep last night pain free (Hallelujah).

So if you decide to braid your hair as a protective style my tips to you are:

  1. Make sure your stylist doesn’t braid too tight. Tight braids defeat the purpose of protective style.
  2. Find a style that you will feel comfortable wearing for a few weeks (at least 3 weeks).
  3. Chose a style that will not weigh your head down. Having headaches and being unable to sleep at night from the braids is ridiculous and not worth it.
  4. Make sure you moisturize and seal your hair under the braids as you normally would without them.

Alright, that’s all guys for this post on protective style. I hope you found my experience and my tips on braiding your hair useful. Feel free to add to it and share your thoughts with me below . Don’t forget to share these tips with your friends as well.


♥Miss Coily♥