My Life As A Loner- Things You Can Enjoy Alone

My life as a loner-6 activities you can enjoy alone|

Since I’ve embarked on a journey of self-discovery lately, I have been able to learn quite a few things about myself. Some I didn’t know and some I probably already knew, but never really paid attention to. One of these things is reconfirming the fact that I am a loner.

As if all the signs were not already there, I turned to the one person that should know me best (my fiancé) to get his opinion. He had to pick between social and a loner when thinking of me. Of course, without hesitation, he picked loner.

Contrary to what some might think, being a loner is awesome!

I’m ok being a loner. I love being alone and doing things all by my lonesome. I find joy in experimenting alone. As much as I enjoy spending time with friends and loved ones, I prefer exploring alone. Peace and quiet are very important to me.

Every now and then, I might decide to come out of my world and enjoy a few laughs and conversations with others. But most times, you’ll catch me on my own.

Now the issue with me enjoying being a loner is that most people in my circle don’t quite understand. And I guess it’s because they are more on the social side than I am.

At times I do feel bad for turning down an invitation to hang out, but then I think of all the things I can be doing alone in peace, and all guilt goes out the window. Does that make me a bad friend? You can tell down below.

Keep in mind that there are pros and cons of being a loner.

Some of the Cons.

  1. People won’t always understand why you’re turning them down even if you try to explain, so sometimes you might find yourself making excuses to get yourself out of certain situations.
  2. People not understanding might lead to losing friends along the way.

Some Pros.

  1. Being a loner can help in staying out of trouble especially if you are easily influenced by others.
  2. Being a loner can also aid in keeping extra cash in your pocket if you’re not always hanging out with other people.

If you’re a loner you probably have some your own habits already which might include being curled up on your sofa and binge watching your favorite TV shows or movies. This can lead to laziness and also cabin fever.

So instead of being stuck in front of the television all day, there are other things you can do to occupy your time alone that will stimulate both your mind and your body.

My life as a loner-6 activities you can enjoy alone|

Here are a few things I enjoy doing by myself that you can try as well if you are anything like me.

1- Read a book.

Find yourself a book that will keep you interested until the end and read it. You might want to add a good playlist in the background as well.

2- Go to the beach.

The beach is my ultimate happy place. And thank God, I live right there so it’s not a huge production for me to go spend some quality time at my favorite place solo. There is something magical about laying on the sand, looking at the ocean and listening to sound of the waves. It is the most amazing feeling in the world. Anyone who does not enjoy the beach is missing something (not judging though).

6 activities you can do alone- Go to the beach|

3- Run outdoors.

Although I have not hit the pavement in a while, running is one of my favorite activities to do alone. I even started a blog about (Check it out here). I sometimes like to have my honey by my side working on getting fit together, but I’d say 80% of the time, I’d rather be running alone and I’m a strong believer that running a sport better enjoyed alone unless you’re racing. Then again, it might just be me.

4- Hot yoga.

I started practicing yoga over a year ago and decided to take it seriously 2 months ago. I’ve practiced with friends and I’ve practiced alone. I can guarantee you that alone is the way to go. Yoga to me is my way of disconnecting from the rest of the world and finding peace within me. What I’ve discovered about having friends around when practicing is that there tends to be chatter and laughter which completely takes away your focus. It defeats the purpose of the practice.

5- Bike Ride.

When I owned my bike I enjoyed long rides along the beach. I used it as a way to exercise, but also as a way to get away. After a couple of hours on the road alone, I would get the best feeling of satisfaction ever.

6 activities you can do alone- Bike Riding|

6- Go shopping.

Shopping alone to me is a big deal. Although now I do most of my shopping online, if I ever have to step foot in a shopping center, I’d rather my company and mine alone. My reasoning is that being alone allows more time to focus and decide on what I want. Plus I don’t care that much about what people think of my wardrobe. I do a damn good job picking out what I wear that I don’t really need anyone else’s opinion when buying them. Shopping alone allows me to relax and not feel like I’m on somebody else’s time.

At the end of the day, when you’re a loner in a world full of social butterflies, it might be hard for people to understand you.

Just know that it’s ok to be different and do whatever makes you happy. So don’t lose sight of who you are to please others.

My word of advice is although you might enjoy being a loner, work on finding some balance between doing things alone and giving some of your time to the people in your life who actually deserve it.

What about you, would you consider yourself a social person or do you think you are more of a loner like me? What are some of the things you do to disconnect from the rest of the world? I’m curious to know. Share with me below ⇓

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