Going Natural: The Good and The Bad

Have you been thinking about going natural, but are hesitant to take the jump?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. You aren’t the only woman out there considering ditching the relaxer and going natural. There is a ton of ladies already rocking their natural hair or currently transitioning to natural hair.

The natural hair community is big and it is taking over the world. The number of black women all over the world giving up their relaxed hair and going natural is astonishing and simply amazing. So stop hesitating, and join the rest of us who are making the switch to natural.

When going natural, there are two sides to consider: the good and the bad. So in honor of  you’re considering making the switch from relax to natural, here is a list of the good and the bad of going natural I’ve compiled for you.

Going Natural- The Good and The Bad| misscoilyhair.com

The Good

  1. Healthy hair. Going natural will make your hair healthier. Natural hair is usually stronger and healthier than relaxed hair because it is no longer being processed with harsh chemicals. The protein bonds of your hair are no longer being broken. But remember, heat is a cause of damage as well, so try to stay away from heat (flat/curling irons, blow dryer) as much as possible.
  2. Economical. Going natural can save you money over time in the sense that you will have less visits to the hair salon for relaxer touch ups. But keep in mind that transitioners and newly natural ladies tend to spend a lot of money buying products. The best way to avoid that is to not become a product junkie. Only use what’s necessary, and when you find a product you like, stick to it.
  3. Trendsetter. When you’re going natural, you become a trendsetter to people in your entourage. Who doesn’t like to set trends? Some of your friends may look at you, the beauty and versatility of your hair and start thinking: “Maybe it would not look so bad on me”. And there you’ve converted one.
  4. Going natural takes you on a journey of self discovery. When you embark on your natural hair journey, you will little by little discover yourself.  But most importantly you will learn to love you for who you are (flaws and all). You will learn to accept yourself. If there’s one thing I’ve noticed in women who wear their natural hair, they tend to have a lot of confidence. That confidence, they’ve develop on their journey to going natural.
  5. You no longer have to fear water. Water is now your best friend! Do you remember the days when you would pass up going swimming so you wouldn’t ruin your relaxer, or the days you were afraid of the rain. Well, natural hair strives with water, so you no longer have to hide from the rain.

The bad

  1. Self doubt. The beginning stages of going natural may make you question yourself. You might not always feel pretty. If you decide to transition, dealing with your new growth will get challenging, especially if you are 4C hair girl. Your hair will become hard to manage when dealing with natural and relaxed together. During the transitioning period you might also find it hard to find a hairstyle that works. You will most likely find the solution to these issues by wearing braids, wigs and weaves.
  2. Time. It takes time to maintain your natural hair. I’m sure you’ve heard other naturalistas complain about wash day. That’s because it can be painful. Between sectioning, detangling, shampooing, deep conditioning, detangling again, styling, etc.. you might want to pull your hair out. You will need to be patient with your natural hair. It requires a lot of TLC, but when done properly, your natural hair will naturally flourish.
  3. Finding the right products. Not everything you try will work on your hair. You will have to experiment with different products before finding the ones that work for your hair type. What works for one person won’t necessarily work for you. So although you read blogs and watch youtube tutorials, use them as guideline and don’t freak out when a product that was recommended doesn’t do you well. The beginnings are usually rough, but it always gets better.
  4. Dealing with dry hair. You will find yourself more often than not reaching for your spray bottle to spritz your coils with some kind of moisturizing liquid. Natural hair tends to get dry pretty easily and therefore requires more moisture than relaxed hair. In situations like this, remember that water is your best friend and can solve many dryness issues.
  5. Getting judged. Brace yourself because judgement will come from everywhere. Your loved ones will judge and discourage you, but so will strangers. People will ask you all kinds of silly questions from what’s wrong with your hair to why did you chose to go natural. Some people will go as far as telling you that you look unkept and ugly. Just remember that when the judgment comes your way ignore and shake it all off. Not everyone will understand your journey, but it’s ok. It’s about you, not them.

Is there anything you can think of adding to this list? If so, don’t hesitate to do so in the comments below ⇓. In the meantime, if you found this article helpful, please share with your friends. Sharing is caring!


♥Miss Coily♥