Free from the braids

Freshly unbraided hairAs you might have guessed, I took out my braids. I just could not deal with the tug-o-war that was happening on my head anymore. I had to free myself from the braids. They only lasted 3 days, but I’m so happy they’re gone. Keeping these braids any longer would’ve caused major damaged to my hair, and that was not the goal at all.

Unfortunately, I can see a lil spot where I started losing some hair. It is not much and I’m hoping I can get it fixed pretty soon.

I can definitely say, this braiding experience was the worst of them all. See when we do a protective style, the goal is to protect our hair for a certain period of time. Braiding with extension is an example of protective style. Unfortunately for me, this protective style cause more hurt that good.

I am not saying I am writing off hair braiding from my repertoire of protective styles. I just need to be more careful with the kind of style I chose in the future, and also who I let braid my hair.

Sometimes, we think the regimen we chose is the right one, when in fact it is doing more bad than good. My advice to you is to be well informed before you decide to do something to your hair so you don’t end up regretting your decision later.

On a hair journey, we learn from trials and errors, but I think some mistakes are not worth making. I’ve made many mistakes in my life when it comes to my hair (we ca talk about those some other time). I sure wish I was more cautious then and knew better.

Are you on a healthy hair journey? What are some mistakes you’ve made??? Don’t hesitate to share below

Till next time!


♥Miss Coily♥