Everything you need to know about taking care of your hair. Follow my hair journey as I transitioned from relaxed hair to natural hair.

Free from the braids

As you might have guessed, I took out my braids. I just could not deal with the tug-o-war that was happening on my head anymore. I had to free myself from the braids. They only lasted 3 days, but I’m so happy they’re gone. Keeping these braids any longer would’ve caused major damaged to my hair, and that was not the goal at all. Unfortunately, I can see a lil spot where I started losing some hair. It is not much and I’m hoping I can get it fixed pretty soon. I can definitely say, this braiding experience was the worst of them all. See when we do a protective style, the goal is to protect our hair for a certain period of time. Braiding with extension is an example of protective style. Unfortunately for me, this protective style cause more hurt that good. I am not saying I am writing…

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Protective Styling Gone Wrong- Protective Styles To Avoid

We all get to the point where we realize we need a break from constant manipulation of our hair. When that moment comes, protective styling is usually the way to go. Unfortunately, I quickly realized the hard way that not all types of protective styling are worth the try. Currently 9 weeks into my relaxer stretch/natural hair journey (still a little undecided), I figured it was time to give my hair a much needed break. I turned to google for some inspiration, and in came my protective styling of choice: the feed in braids. After looking at a variety of pictures, I grew confident, that the feed in braids were a great option. Feed in braids are designed to be somewhat bigger in size. They don’t take much time to achieve. I figured they were the perfect style for me. I pretty much thought of everything. One thing I didn’t know was that the…

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My Hair Journey Story

Welcome darlings, My hair story is similar to that of most brown girls we all know. I’m sure it will sound familiar to you. At an early age, I was introduced to the “Creamy crack” as we so lovingly call it or (relaxer), to tame my mane. When I was growing up, people (at least the ones around me) didn’t really do much to their natural hair. I now realized that they probably didn’t really know how to take care of the coils in their hair. With that said, I was tired of the pain I always experienced each time my hair was being combed. And of course, I felt ugly compared to the other girls my age with straightened hair. So, at the tender age of 13, if my memory serves me well, I had my first relaxer applied and never looked back. I remember that day as if it was…

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