Everything you need to know about taking care of your hair. Follow my hair journey as I transitioned from relaxed hair to natural hair.

7 Things You Should Know Before Ditching Your Relaxer

You’ve been relaxed all your life, but now you are to the point where you are seriously thinking about going back to your roots and ditching your relaxer. This can be an exciting thought but also scary. Now that mainstream media portrays a lot more women wearing their natural hair, more regular women are ditching their relaxers and going natural. I went natural not because it was cool, but because my hair needed it. First time I thought about it, I changed my mind. But now, knowing there’s a huge community of natural hair women out there ready to give support, definitely made the decision of ditching the relaxer much easier. I made the decision to go natural 5 months ago, and this is the best decision I could have made for my hair. It could be the same for you. Just know that if you are currently thinking about ditching your…

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Going Natural Is It Really For you

Going Natural, Is it really for you? It might sound like a weird question, but it’s really important you take the time to think about it. Some women decide to go natural or start transitioning impulsively. They do it just because they see beautiful pictures of natural hair without really thinking it through. But they quickly revert back to their relaxer once the going gets rough. Are you asking yourself the question yet? Is going natural really for you? Please keep in mind that I am not bashing natural hair.  That’s not what this post is about. I am a natural woman and I wear my natural hair with pride. I just would like to bring awareness to certain aspects of going natural. We all know that once you change your hair, you appearance changes as well. I want to talk about the mental and emotional aspect of going natural. I was pushed to do some…

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How To Properly Wash Your Braids

Braids are a transitioner’s best friend. Box braids feed in braids, Senegalese twists, you name it, they all hold a special place in our hearts. But as much as we love wearing braids, they also present a major challenge. How can you properly wash your braids and avoid frizz altogether? This concern I know will never get old. As long as we keep wearing braids, the question will always get asked. It is also a popular subject on many hair blogs. Anyone who wears braids eventually researches the subject. When transitioning to natural hair, you will find yourself more often than not gravitating towards braids. Braids are a great protective style and a life saver for any transitioning girl. But how do you properly wash your braids? As a protective style, braids are meant to facilitate a break from daily manipulation and avoid breakage. But as awesome as wearing braids can be, washing a head full of…

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Deep Conditioning – What You Should Know

ALTHOUGH THIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS, ALL OPINIONS ARE MY OWN. PLEASE READ MY DISCLOSURE PAGE FOR MORE INFO. Do you know everything you should about deep conditioning your hair? As a new naturalista or as someone newly embarking on her hair journey, you have many questions about caring for your hair. Unfortunately, you don’t necessarily get answers to these questions right away. Or sometimes you find the answers through trial and error. One of the many questions I had was bout deep conditioning. I will shed some light for you below. Deep conditioning is such an easy process, but sometimes we forget one important aspect: how long is too long for a deep conditioning treatment? This can be a silly question to someone who’s always known how to take care of her hair, but important to one who’s always relied on her hairdresser to do so. If you’ve been researching, you probably know by now…

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How To Achieve Beautiful Curls Using Perm Rods

Lately I’ve been trying to figure out different ways I can style my hair and look presentable in public since my SLAP is not quite suitable for all occasions. One thing I didn’t take into consideration when I started this hair journey was how hard it would be to style my hair as I transition. My go to style being relaxed had always been letting my hair down, and the occasional buns. In my quest for finding new hairstyles that I’d be able to rock as I transition,  for the first time ever last weekend, I attempted curling my hair with perm rods. I wanted to curl my hair, so I went digging on youtube and found a tutorial on how to achieve beautiful curls using perm rods. It was time to give it a try. I must tell you though, for a first timer like me, these tutorials look a lot easier than they really…

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