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Hi guys, welcome to this section that I call my hair profile.

If you’ve read any of the posts on the blog, you already know that I am a relaxed girl currently transitioning to natural hair.

I have been relaxed since I was thirteen years old if my memory serves me right. I remember it was one of the best days on my young life. Being relaxed I relied on other people (hair dressers) to take care of my hair, and never really bothered to learn about haircare.

Little by little, my hair started deteriorating. My hair loss all its beauty strength, volume and shine. My hair was always all over my bathroom floor and clothes which got me super frustrated. But it really wasn’t until recently that I decided enough is enough and took matters in my own hands.

My last relaxer was in July 2016. I had two relaxers within 2 weeks of each other (silly I know) because the first one didn’t process. When it was all said and done, I just couldn’t deal anymore which prompted me to dig around for information.

I first decided after watching many videos to do a relaxer stretch. As I got deeper into the stretch I figured going natural would not be so bad after all. So now I am currently 4 months post relaxer and I am thinking about doing the big chop on my 5th month anniversary.

So now back to my hair profile:

What is my hair type?

I figured I am 4c coily hair, could be wrong, but I highly doubt it. I guess once I big chop, I will know for sure.

What is your hair goal?

My goal is to grow healthy hair and regain volume.

How long do you plan on transitioning for?

My plan was to transition for at least 1 year before the big chop, but since I’m having difficulties managing the two different textures (relaxed and natural) in my hair, I probably will big chop a lot sooner (end of the year).

What are your favorite hair products?

I have become a bit of a product junkie during this journey.

As far as shampoo and leave-in conditioner I use Creme of Nature with Argan Oil. This brand is one of my favorites. I have been using it for over 1 year since my hair dresser recommended it. It is very affordable. I love the smell, but most importantly it leaves my hair feeling so soft and easy to comb through. I use the Purelicious Co-wash as well.

When it comes to deep conditioning, I use the ORS hair mayonnaise as protein deep conditioner and also As I am hydration elation as moisturizing deep conditioner. The hair mayonnaise leaves my hair feeling strong and almost instantly stops the breakage. The hydration elation gives me the moisture that my hair so desperately craves sometimes.

Daily moisturizer product of choice, I have been flip flopping on that. I’ve used everything from Design (hated the smell and it’s too liquid) Cantu (could not deal with the smell either) As I am so much moisture (love the smell, but too liquid to my liking). I recently started using the As I Am leave-in conditioner as a daily moisturizer. So far so good, but I am still looking for what I think is the perfect one. (if you have any share with me)

I massage my scalp once or twice a week (depends on how I feel) with Castor Oil. I also use Jojoba oil, avocado oil to seal my ends.

This is just some I can remember off the top of my head, but my bathroom is full of hair products (product junkie, I told you).

What is your favorite transitioning hairstyle?

Braids are my go to transitioning hairstyle. I don’t like wearing braids that much, but I once I hit the 3 months mark in my transitioning, I found it a lot easier to braid my hair versus trying to comb it on a daily basis. I can keep the braids on for weeks at a time. Once I unbraid my hair, I allow my hair and scalp to breather for a week or two and braid  again for a few more weeks. I’m lucky that my sister in law is an amazing hair braider. She comes to my home to braid my hair for me when needed.

Is there anything else you’d like to know about me? Ask me, and I will respond and post it here.

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